For more than 20 years The Ravenstone Group has been the leading and largest claims investigation company in the UK, providing customers with services ranging from tracing individuals to investigating fraud rings across different insurance types.

Our success is founded on the provision of bespoke intelligence services, tailored to suit each customer’s requirements and designed to provide our clients and their customers with overall financial benefits.

We find the 'fraud needles’ in the claims haystack' and collect and collate the evidential support in a professional and discreet manner.  We use interview techniques agreed with each customer that blend customer’s corporate requirements with an incisive search for truth.  We do a lot of homework on a claim before we meet with claimants.  We can then ask deceptively simple questions and learn a lot from the response.

Our liability and evidence gathering teams are primarily former Police Officers who have been trained in the latest investigative techniques which we have then tuned for insurance related matters.

In addition to fraud busting capabilities, Ravenstone-UK handles a massive volume of general RTC liability enquiries ranging from simple low value incidents to large, complex and catastrophic loss claims. Our services range from simple claims validation processes to comply with MoJ regulations to full RTC reconstruction cases.

FNOL and motor theft investigations also make up a large percentage of our portfolio.

Travel, Household, PPI, Corporate, Credit Hire, GAP and many other claims evidence gathering services are equally covered by Ravenstone-UK's specialist teams.

The Ravenstone Group exists to serve our customers.