Fraud Investigations

The Ravenstone Group has been at the forefront of development of techniques and methods of the road traffic accident fraud investigation.

Methods of the fraudsters change and we monitor the evolution of fraudsters’ modus opperandii and constantly review and revise our methodologies to enhance our detection performance.  Our intelligence led operations work closely with the Police, HMRC, Customs & Excise, IFB, IFIG and others. We share and receive information and have a trusted network of contacts.

Over the years we have developed our own unique system to identify fraudulent claims: The Claims Information Matrix (CIM) harnesses field experience and intelligence gained on a daily basis to assess fraud suspicions.

We have 35 special field investigators who specialise in fraud enquiries and deploy specialist techniques, such as cognitive tape recorded interviews when appropriate. Our fraud investigators are thereby equipped to deal with even the most complex enquiry.

Intelligence (The Claims Information Matrix)

Over the last 20 years, The Ravenstone Group have developed a bespoke intelligence system.

Drawing intelligence from the sectors of motor, household, life, finance, claimant, PPI, travel, corporate and GAP insurance, it has a unique source of data which it analyses and blends to identify suspicious new claims.

More recently, The Ravenstone Group developed the front end screening process for policy applications which in just one week uncovered a £1m fraud ring operating across different sectors of insurance.

Our intelligence lead investigations have lead to the uncovering of fraud conspiracies that have saved our clients millions over the years.

The Claims Information Matrix (CIM) can be applied on a case by case basis or as a bulk screening process. All new claims from The Ravenstone Group's existing clients are routinely checked at no cost and any cases identified are referred for further enquiry.

For a full presentation on our range of intelligence screening services please contact us and we will gladly visit you to explain more.

Some of our Successes