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Research & Development

Investments in our people, use of the latest technology and innovation ensures that Ravenstone Group can sustain effective services.

Web Portal

Our web portal, a secure online access point, enables our clients to view the status of a case or to access and download investigation reports on demand.

‘Smart’ Technology

Investment in ‘smart’ technology has reduced the amount of time between conclusion of interview and production of the report. Our pairing of ‘smart pens’ and ‘smart phones’ provides us with a method by which reports and statements can be made available to our technical staff minutes after the conclusion of an interview using a combination of existing Bluetooth, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Handwriting Recognition technologies.

Video Locus Reports

We offer a video locus report that displays onboard footage filmed from a moving vehicle alongside an accurate CAD drawn locus plan enabling a greater understanding of the incident locus. This service assists analysis of motorway scenes, complex junctions or whenever automated traffic signal sequences are material issues to the question of liability.

What is the CIM System?

CIM is a software application that can identify fraud suspicion in an insurance or other claim in seconds.

The Ravenstone Group defined the architecture for the CIM (Claims Information Matrix) System and honed the algorithms.

The CIM system can be deployed in a multitude of ways, e.g. to filter claims and assess them so that they can be categorised into claims which may proceed without investigation and those which require closer scrutiny. CIM reduces the overall cost of fraud claim identification by focussing resources on those claims where further investigative expenditure will yield evidential support of fraud.