The Ravenstone Group offers the widest range, most effective and fastest fraud suspicion identification in addition to traditional evidence gathering services. 

Our systems provide 24/7 access to the status and progress of each claim enquiry (via secure web portal).

Our sensitivity to customer’s requirements ensures we conduct all activities in a manner agreed with you to ensure appropriate care and discretion.

Field activities are supported by the most sophisticated automated intelligence system (CIM) with the largest claims database incorporating cross links with extensive external database sources.

We immediately acknowledge receipt of instructions and engage all individuals to be interviewed within 48 hours.

By using the latest technology we remain at the forefront of the industry. For more information on technologies and innovation deployed by Ravenstone LLP, click here.

Selected enquiry offerings are detailed below, please click each option for more details.

Road Traffic Collision Enquiries

  • Liability Statements
  • Indemnity Statements
  • Witness Statements
  • Locus Reports

Vehicle Theft Enquiries

  • Evidential Gathering
  • Indemnity Enquiries
  • Loss Scene Enquiries
  • Document/Key Analysis

Trace Investigations

  • Database Research
  • Desk Top Enquiries
  • Local Investigations
  • Recovery

Fraud Investigations

  • Intelligence Led
  • Statment taking
  • Local Knowledge
  • Industry Liason

PPI / II Enquiries

  • Intelligence Led validation
  • Field Enquiries
  • Claims Validation
  • Rehab Schemes

Credit Hire Enquiries

  • Comparative Data
  • Lay Statements
  • Court attendance
  • Historic Data


  • Covert Video Footage
  • Latest AVE Equipment
  • 24/7 National Coverage
  • Legislatively Compliant

Research & Development

  • Video Locus Reports
  • ‘Smart Pen' Technology
  • Secure Web Portal
  • Encrypted e-mail