Independent Motor Insurance Claims Consultants

Providing Full UK Coverage


Ravenstone-UK was founded in the early 1990’s and has been one of the leading insurance claims consultants in the UK ever since. We work alongside insurance companies, solicitors and large self-insuring organisations as independent claim consultants, assisting in the processing and administration of motor insurance claims where there are liability and indemnity issues that require investigation.

We are highly experienced specialists in a range of services, covering routine RTC liability, indemnity and loss enquires, to investigating complex fraud across different insurance types.

Our team of enquiry agents are locally based throughout the country, allowing us to provide true nationwide coverage with the ability to conduct face to face, in person, on the ground enquiries anywhere in the UK. Our team are primarily Home Office trained ex-Police Officers who are supported by a team of Technical and Administration staff who have access to cutting edge technology at our Manchester office. We provide clear, fast and conclusive reports which in turn allows our clients to make timely, well informed decisions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a rapid, bespoke service, tailored to suit each customer’s requirements, no matter where in the UK enquiries are needed. Our intelligence led approach is designed to provide our clients and their customers with the best possible outcome and financial benefit.

Ravenstone-UK exists to serve its customers.

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RTC Investigations

  • Liability Statements
  • Indemnity Statements
  • Witness Statements
  • Locus Reports

Vehicle Theft Enquiries

  • Indemnity Enquiries
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Document/Key Analysis
  • Loss Scene Report

Credit Hire Reporting

  • BHR Report
  • Lay Statements
  • Comparative Data
  • Court Attendance

Probate Vehicle Valuation

  • Discrete Service
  • Fair & Accurate
  • Valuations
  • Purchase & Removal