RTC/RTA Indemnity & Liability Enquiries

A unique blend of local knowledge and modern technology

Ravenstone-UK employs road traffic collision experts with local knowledge, often former Police Officers, to interview the relevant parties and visit the accident location to conduct liability enquiries, indemnity enquiries and gather evidence in support of the defence of related claims. Evidence is gathered and presented with recommendations within a comprehensive report.

Traditional witness statements are either taken face to face or remotely, depending on client’s wishes, and locus survey reports are always conduced at the actual accident location, with full accident reconstruction services available to support liability enquiries where required.

Statements are recorded in a CPR compliant standard ready for Court disclosure with all relevant issues covered comprehensively, including liability, indemnity, financial and technical aspects, with reliable first hand evidence fit for cross examination.

We have extensive field agent coverage up and down the UK providing true nationwide coverage which paired alongside cutting edge communications technology and in house support staff and expertise, enables us to provide rapid turnaround times. Most of our enquiries are completed within 10 working days.

Locus survey reports are presented with clear and accurate CAD drawn plans which illustrate relevant measurements, directions of travel and road layout. Plans are included alongside a series of digital photographs that includes other vital information, such as visibility, road markings and condition, advanced signage, lighting etc. Wherever necessary, enquiries at the accident location are conducted at the same time of day/day of the week to experience first hand traffic behaviours, parking conditions, lighting and other valuable supporting information.

Alongside these core aspects of RTC Enquiries, we also include liaison with Police, Coroners, Procurator Fiscal criminal proceeding summaries or inquests hearing reports as well as any other relevant enquiries with witnesses and other third parties such as garages etc.

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RTC Investigations

  • Liability Statements
  • Indemnity Statements
  • Witness Statements
  • Locus Reports

Vehicle Theft Enquiries

  • Indemnity Enquiries
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Document/Key Analysis
  • Loss Scene Report

Credit Hire Reporting

  • BHR Report
  • Lay Statements
  • Comparative Data
  • Court Attendance

Probate Vehicle Valuation

  • Discrete Service
  • Fair & Accurate
  • Valuations
  • Purchase & Removal