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Road Traffic Collision Enquiries

Road Traffic Collision Enquiries

Ravenstone-UK employs road traffic collision experts with local knowledge, often former Police Officers, to interview the relevant parties, survey the accident location and present the evidence and recommendations within a comprehensive report.

We utilise a wide range of services from traditional statement taking to full video locus surveys and accident reconstruction reports where required.

Statements are taken to CPR compliant standards and are ready for Court disclosure. We thoroughly cover all relevant issues, including liability, quantum, indemnity, financial and technical issues, with reliable first hand evidence providing witness credibility fit for cross examination.

Rapid turnaround times are achievable thanks to our extensive field force providing national coverage and our wide application of cutting edge IT and communications infrastructure.

Most of our enquiries are completed within 10 working days.

We have access to up to date, cutting edge technology, facilitating accurate locus survey reports, clear and accurate CAD drawn locus plans provide measurements, direction of travel and complement relevant digital photographs to provide the driver’s views, pedestrian views or witness views. A covering report and statement details relevant issues such as road signage and markings, lighting, and obstructions to visibility.

We endeavour to assess the relevance to the claim at the same time of day/day in the week to attend at the same time as the accident where possible, to experience first-hand traffic behaviours, parking conditions, lighting and visibility.

Additional investigations can include liaison with Police, Coroners, Procurator Fiscal criminal proceeding summaries or inquest hearings reports. Additional enquiries may include local media and the internet, recovery garages, neighbours, or further we can arrange forensic vehicle examination reports. We also offer a full RTC reconstruction service where necessary.

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