Vehicle Loss/Theft Investigation

98% of communication is non-verbal

We are strong advocates of the face to face interview; 98% of communication is non-verbal.

Our field agents are primarily Home Office trained ex-Police Officers who ensure a focus on ‘points to prove’ and sophisticated interview and observation techniques. Interviews are conducted using techniques that enquires we deal with clients diplomatically whilst effectively collating evidence of innocence or suspicion.

We will interview the Policyholder and/or Last in Charge to obtain a statement as part of a full indemnity investigation covering all non-disclosure matters. Enquiries also routinely extend neighbours, previous keepers and vendors where relevant.

We also conduct enquiries at the Loss Scene, including plans and photographs to fully cover duty of care issues.

Forensic examination of documents and vehicle keys can also be provided where applicable.

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RTC Investigations

  • Liability Statements
  • Indemnity Statements
  • Witness Statements
  • Locus Reports

Vehicle Theft Enquiries

  • Indemnity Enquiries
  • Evidence Gathering
  • Document/Key Analysis
  • Loss Scene Report

Credit Hire Reporting

  • BHR Report
  • Lay Statements
  • Comparative Data
  • Court Attendance

Probate Vehicle Valuation

  • Discrete Service
  • Fair & Accurate
  • Valuations
  • Purchase & Removal